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My name is Kiana Rose and I am 20 years old. I am majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Primate Behavior & Ecology through the Douglas Honors College at Central Washington University. I earned my AA in Biology from Clark College in June 2018, so I am an academic senior at Central. I will graduate from CWU in June 2020. I have also been homeschooled since third grade. This has allowed me to pursue my many interests, which include birds, photography, art, writing, and singing.




















I have been in love with birds since the age of eight. I have a collection of 275 bird books that continues to grow with each birthday and Christmas. Since July of 2010, I have kept a journal recording the bird species I see and hear every day. I even used to feed some birds out of my hand! As a young child, I attended nature camps at Portland Audubon. These camps truly allowed my love of birds to flourish. Today, as an Environmental Educator, I lead Audubon camps of my own!


I've been a serious photographer for ten years. (As of now, I have taken over 200,000 photos). I received my first award, second place in the youth division of the Tualatin River NWR Photo Contest, in 2011. I have won several awards since then. In April of 2013, I purchased the Canon EOS 7D with the money I earned from selling my pictures. This DSLR has been an essential tool for my wildlife photography. 


In addition to photography, I love to draw and sketch - birds are my most frequent and favorite subject. One of my dreams is to become a professional wildlife painter. When I was younger, I loved to write fiction stories; now that I am older, I enjoy writing about birds (obviously), animal intelligence, the ethical treatment of animals, and moral conundrums.

At CWU, you may find me studying, photographing birds around campus, or singing in the choir with Catholic Campus Ministry.

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